FDU Inkingi, you are anti-Rwanda, and will never succeed in your evil plans. Let that sink in!

Anti-Rwanda networks, especially FDU Inkingi, in fury, rant about their false allegations being rubbished in the open.

To understand the FDU Inkingi villains who try to position themselves as legitimate opponents, one needs to highlight a few facts of our history;

After the RPF Inkotanyi stopped the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, Rwanda was in shambles. The public coffers were empty. People who were nursing wounds and mourning for their loved ones. There was no adequate food and clean water as well.

The perpetrators of the genocide who were responsible for this mess fled the country with their families, living extravagant lives in exile thanks to looting from state coffers. The impenitent perpetrators with parmehutu ideologies, who had failed and fled, created organizations like RDR and FDLR that intended to re-arm and forcefully return to Rwanda and finish up the genocide against the Tutsi from where they left, but still failed, again.

However, it did not end there. In the early 2000s, the terrain turned greasy for the heirs of the genocidal regime in RDR, as some of these genocidaires were being arrested. They decided to facelift the RDR into FDU-Inkingi with a mission to disseminate their vicious propaganda campaigns to deny the genocide as they keep the dream to return to rule by force. This meant that they would clandestinely support the FDLR and RUD-URUNANA armed attacks that claimed scores of innocent lives.

These failed crooks who call their putrid mission to destabilize the country a ‘noble struggle’, also having the guts to call themselves opposition, have lost the plot, especially when they push their moral equivalences to equate their ignoble record of crimes. There is NO such equivalence!

FDU Inkingi, you are anti-Rwanda, and will never succeed in your evil plans. Let that sink in!

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