A Note to my fellow young people

Denialism is a parasite that burrows deep into ‘Ibigarasha’ brains. I observed this in the recent Twitter spaces where some of these anti-Rwanda elements like a failed crook John Simbaburanga, RNC parrot Serge Ndayizeye and Abdallah Nduhirabandi from FDU-Inkingi uttered faulty arguments that ‘RPF has failed’.

In the Twitter space that was full of young people, some may naively believe the utterances, but truth is, the speakers are criminals spreading misinformation that fit their political agenda to sow divisions amongst united Rwandans,

Fellow young people,

You should know that the people, who push these negative narratives, aren’t blind to what Rwanda has achieved, NO. They see them. The sad reality is that such people never want to recover from the Parmehutu ideologies. They still cherish old days of genocide regime, and they always dream about seeing history repeating itself, albeit theirs is a pipe dream.

In the old days nostalgia and denialism these Bigarasha are stuck in, let’s ignore them, as we keep the momentum of building our country.


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