“Ibigarasha” go berserk as government sticks to zero tolerance to corruption

In a new twist, overseas-based anti-Rwanda elements, famously known as “ibigarasha” – the crooks that failed accountability demands and escaped justice, have resorted to hurling insults at the Government of Rwanda.

This is after Edouard Bamporiki, the former State Minister of Youth and Culture was recently suspended from the Cabinet and placed under house arrest amid serious corruption charges.

As per these wolves in sheep’s clothing, the government’s effort towards accountability is “irrelevant”, which is laughable since these fellows would say nothing other than that, as they also have pending criminal cases concerning accountability in Rwanda for which they are wanted.

On the other hand, Bamporiki openly admitted on Twitter that he had indeed committed a crime of corruption, and pleaded with the President for forgiveness. But the negativists of course disparage this, to push their agenda.

It is common knowledge that most of the them have failed accountability standards of the system of governance, and had to flee only to show up in the media and social networks posing as the “opposition” under the RNC terrorist group.

Accountability, especially a zero-tolerance approach against corruption, is one of the three bold choices that the RPF-led government set as a priority after liberating the country, and stopping the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi to ensure it delivers on the goals of transforming the country, with others being thinking big and unity.

Ibigarasha are doing nothing more than flogging a dead horse since Rwanda and Rwandans at large are fully conversant with the morals and values that govern their country, and these criminals will be brought to book; it’s just a matter of time!

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