Himbara caught lying, Pres. Tshisekedi never mentioned Rwanda

The RNC terrorist propagandist David Himbara aka Murunganwa paid by Tribert Rujugiro to smear Rwanda, will spin anything to fit his terrorist propaganda. In a speech to his fellow citizens, the DR Congo President Felix Tshisekedi called for unity in Africa and insisted on the concept of mutual security in the region but Himbara distorted it to make it a pronouncement against Rwanda.

In reality, the President of Congo did not even mention Rwanda. The desperate RNC mouthpiece completely made up the references to Rwanda with baseless insinuations.

In the “12th Diplomatic Conference” organized by the Congolese Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Congolese Diplomatic Corps; Tshisekedi offered his first speech that outlined Congo’s foreign policy. He insisted on mutual respect of sovereignty, observance of international law, and Pan-Africanism. He explained that no country in the great lakes region can prosper while its neighbor is facing security challenges especially if the said country is hosting armed groups. Clearly, the historical context of his speech was an inference to the need for DR Congo to get rid of armed militia groups like RNC in Eastern Congo.

The speech, and the entire Tshisekedi Presidency, is bitter pill for Himbara’s terrorist organization. Loosing safe haven in Eastern Congo led to hundreds of death and hundred more captured amongst the RNC ranks and their P5 terrorist allies in operations of the FARDC. Twisting a public foreign policy speech is just desperate, and Himbara and his allies will fool no one.

Unlike faking degrees and diplomas with name changes, Presidential addresses cannot be forged, faked or taken out of context.

Below is a link to the entire speech

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