RNC Mouthpiece Himbara disputes hard facts

The pseudo-academic David Himbara aka Murunganwa is once again using distortion for his anti-Rwanda propaganda. Paid by Tribert Rujugiro, Himbara is the RNC terrorist militia mouthpiece online with ta specific mission: to tarnish Rwanda.

This time around, he claims that Rwanda is not a global and continental leader in business climate, health, education, crime, anti-corruption, women’s empowerment and trust in public institutions contrary to what the President of Rwanda said in 2016.

“Les faits sont têtus”, the President of Rwanda once said. Whether Himbara likes it or not Rwanda is the global leader in women in Parliament with a massive 61% followed by Cuba with 53%. In January 2022, Rwanda has also been named the safest country for a solo traveler in Africa and 6th globally by usebounce, a renowned travel website.

Furthermore, it’s one of the few countries in Africa where education and healthcare are free for those who can’t afford it. Rwanda is also one of the few countries in the world that will be producing mRNA vaccines. As for transparency and anti-corruption, it is a fact, Rwanda is always amongst the least corrupt countries in the world!

Facts are not moved by Murunganwa’s anti-Rwanda propaganda. That’s why in Africa, despite his relentless efforts to tarnish Rwanda, the country was still ranked second in doing business in 2020 in Africa! Unlike his sneaking into University with the fake “Himbara” name after failing high school with straight Fs, a country’s development record is harder to attack with forgery.

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