Believe Himbara aka Murunganwa at your peril

President Paul Kagame has been busy striking deals for Rwanda, attracting investors and linking Rwanda to the global community. He comes home with big packages for Rwandans, but as always that rubs RNC chief mouthpiece David Himbara aka Murunganwa very badly!

As the President was busy working for his people, the RNC propagandist was busy stalking him. Chief stalker Himbara is expert at distorting the best piece of news into negativity. President Kagame will return home with results for his country but count on negativist Himbara to spin it into the worst news possible, to please his paymasters.

Himbara’s shameless behaviors is most linked to his consumption of illegal substances. That’s old news.

This is a man infamous for being a failure, getting straight nines in his O-levels at Ndejje SS in Uganda, but always turning himself into a “learned expert” on Rwandan issues, especially the policy decisions of the leadership.

Murunganwa can con only the most gullible.

Believe what he says at your peril.

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