How Rujugiro recruited Himbara to serve as the RNC mouthpiece

RNC propagandist David Himbara aka Muruganwa has a number of known addictions; drugs, alcohol and underaged boys. However, few know about his other addictions caused by a dark family secret his bother once mentioned to a guard in prison.

As faith would have it, Muruganwa is a child born of incest. His older half brother forced his way on young mother after his father (technically his grandfather) died mysteriously. He grew up hated by his family and in particular by his mother. Muruganwa developed a loathing for attention and recognition but also a deep hatred for harmony.

Tribert Rujugiro, the chief RNC financier, noticed Himbara’s unique sadistic tendencies and his desperate need for approval. Recruiting him to work for the RNC terrorist organization was as simple as telling him, “I love you”words Himbara had never heard or “you are important”.

In the end, Rujugiro had secured a toy for his terrorist organization that will do anything to get cuddles and that is naturally enraged by normal societal norms.

He recruited a sociopath on crack and an incurable warmonger!

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