Honesty in diplomacy is alien to Murunganwa Himbara

Diplomacy is driven by mutual respect and good faith, transparency and accountability, without any of these attributes diplomacy becomes a toothless show.

To the RNC propagandist David Himbara aka Murunganwa Rwanda and Uganda shouldn’t have meaningful diplomacy on the table in negotiations to restore relations, how awkward is that?

Realistically, Himbara doesn’t want honesty in diplomatic talks because it would lead to the closure of the RNC Uganda province and his financier Ayabatwa Rujugiro who bankrolls RNC terror activities would have to be kicked out and his businesses. If that happens, Murunganwa will lose his payment from both Museveni and Rujugiro. He is fighting to retain his dirty money for his greedy stomach and hopeful that sideshows and window dressing will continue.

No, Himbara, Rwanda wants real action and it will cost you dearly. As the apothegm goes, “walk the talk”; in this case, implement the Luanda MoU!

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