Few people in Museveni’s state criminal system are like Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho. The head of Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), Kandiho’s name evokes a fear in Ugandans last known in the dying days of Idi Amin, when a deranged killer known as Maliyamungu roamed the country. The difference of course is that Kandiho has killed in cold blood, assassinated, tortured, or confined more Ugandans to mass graves than Maliyamungu ever did!

Museveni’s tool of brutality has no human feelings, at all, and in that he actually is very much like his master Museveni. The difference is that Museveni knows how to deceive some members of the public with his clownish antics, and buffoon jokes and therefore can disguise himself. With Kandiho, the fellow even looks like death; a plague that operates from behind the scenes.

Therefore he is the perfect head of a secret agency of murderous thugs, finishing people on Museveni’s black lists. Kandiho is tailor made as head of a security organ of the ethno-fascist regime of Museveni, being at the heart of the planning and execution of large-scale massacres, targeted murders, and, also, the systematic persecution of Rwandans in Uganda.

Let’s break down just a few of the crimes against humanity Kandiho has perpetrated:

  1. In 2009, a Major by then, Kandiho served as a military officer at CMI and used to physically strangle people, after electrocuting and waterboarding them. The lucky ones would be shot dead, but whoever was on his kill list ended up in a grave sometimes with a decapitated body.
  2. Kandiho’s brutality attracted the attention of dictator Museveni who in 2014, at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, Kandiho was made the Commander at the Makindye Military Barracks, the UPDF Military Police headquarters, and embarked on a full scale of massacring.
  3. One of his latest attempts, the failed assassination of the Minister of Works and Transport Gen. Katumba Wamala on the instructions of Museveni to eliminate powerful and influential Baganda in their ethno-fascism politics. Unfortunately, the assassination attempt took the lives of Katumba’s daughter Brenda Wamala and driver Haruna Kayondo.
  4. Additionally, among the prominent Baganda killed by Kandiho, are AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, ASP Muhammad Kirumira, Sheikh Abdul Karim Ssentamu of whom they used the same style as the botched plot on Gen Wamala.
  5. Others include Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, senior state prosecutor Joan Kagezi, UPDF officer Maj Muhammad Kiggundu and senior Muslim leaders Abubaker Kiweewa, Abdul Kadir Muwaya, Sheikh Mustafa Bahiga, Sheikh Abdulrashid Wafula, Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Kirya
  6. There are also other assassinations done by Kandiho like the killing of Ibrahim Abiriga, a Member of Parliament for Arua Municipality, he was shot dead by assailants riding on motorcycles, Hajji Nasser Ntenge Sebaggala, Sheikh Dr. Abdu Anas Kaliisa, Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata, Yasin Kawuma.

Elections mass massacres

  1. At the build of the Ugandan elections, Kandiho was Museveni’s pivotal guy in clamping down on Museveni’s opponents. He particularly targeted Bobi Wine and his supporters using drone vans to abduct them and kill them. Thousands are still missing, with mass graves in almost all forests across the country filled with bodies of NUP supporters killed by Kandiho.
  2. Ever since he came at the helm of CMI in January 2017, Rwanda-Uganda relations got more frosty. With Kandiho embarking on abducting, torturing, and killing Rwandans. So far, close to 4000 innocent Rwandans have been arbitrarily abducted and tortured by Kandiho and close to 50 unlucky ones who didn’t make it out of CMI torture chambers and died from there.


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