Ugandan CMI trolls are revealing Museveni’s hand in inciting violence in DR Congo

The usual suspects, Jonah Ruhima, Sulah Nuwamanya, and others in on the CMI payroll; have had a busy day trying to stir up ethnic violence in DR Congo. As usual, they are trying to drag Rwanda into their toxic policies of divide and rule this time using the Bandandi tribe.

Museveni’s trolls circulated fake news that the Rwandan National Police (RNP) was deployed in Goma. With the help of other anti-Rwandan elements, CMI moved to mobilize violence protest and looting on the hoax they created in thin air. Despite efforts by Congolese authorities to warn against the fake news, CMI and its allies flamed on and continued to incite ethnic violence.

It’s not the first time that Museveni fans ethnic violence in Congo. In Ituri, he is accused by the international community of pinning Lendu against Hema and vice versa. A 2001 Human Watch report and several other reports by the UN confirmed that Museveni was behind violent ethnic conflict in Ituri.

Museveni has tried this divide and rule tactics in other neighboring countries. In South Sudan, Kenya, and even Rwanda; all have accused him of interference, sabotage and hostile attempts to destabilize their countries.

The recent case in Goma is, however, uniquely damning for Museveni. All his known trolls on Twitter simultaneously pushed the rumor of RNP’s deployment in Goma. The same accounts were busy relaying graphic fake images to stir up sentiments and cause more violence. He is doing so to demonize Rwanda, in his usual devious schemes to destabilize the region! Moreover, Museveni is doing this inciting in total disregard of the safety and security of the people of Goma.

It confirms what has always been said about Museveni; he is the source of regional tensions and instability.

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