Himbara’s hand caught in a pot

Taarifa published a story that brought out details of how the RNC mouthpiece, David Himbara a.k. Murunganwa is a protégé of despot Museveni. The story really served its purpose.

Himbara who is on Museveni and Rujugiro’s payroll thought writing a satire about himself would save him; it won’t. it’s a trick he deploys to get himself out of trouble.

Well, beyond Taarifa’s story, Himbara cannot justify where he got the US$500,000 which he paid to Podesta to facilitate a smearing campaign against Rwanda – the money came from Museveni and Rujugiro.

He also can’t get himself out of shame of where he got almost a millions in Canadian Dollars to purchase a luxury house in Canada – the money came from Museveni and Rujugiro. He sold it off where neighbours started asking questions.

Soon, Canadian authorities will start looking into him especially on the money transfers he gets from Mauritia.

Satire on no satire, Himbara and his masters have been exposed and no publications will save them.

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