RNC mouthpiece Himbara now becomes completely amusing in his anti-Rwanda smears

RNC mouthpiece David Himbara aka Murunganwa attempts to distort the facts of Rwanda’s achievements in a number of areas, from fighting domestic terrorism, to strategies to attract investments, and others. No wonder, Murunganwa an old fraud, is in his usual mode of securing a living through fraudulent means, taking pay from Museveni, whose obsession with destabilizing Rwanda is well-known.

Murunganwa repeats the tired smear about the arrest of (now convicted) terror suspect Rusesabagina as “kidnap.” Of course this debunked propaganda is the only talking point remaining to sympathizers and apologists of Rusesabagina. What else do they have!

The fellow was convicted on the strength of evidence that included video and audio of him calling for violent upheaval and terrorism in Rwanda, as well as intelligence from US, Netherlands, and Belgian intelligence services that implicated Rusesabagina in terrorism. He was lured into an aircraft, thinking he was going to Burundi, in his terrorist missions, but ended up in Rwanda.

Murunganwa, you can only fool the most gullible!

Your lies and hot air will not have any effect on the appointment of Rwanda’s high commissioner-designate to the UK, Busingye Johnston. And he will get his accreditation, because nations don’t do business basing on the rumors of old frauds.

In the same post Himbara repeats the propaganda talking points of his Kampala paymasters about closure of the border, including false claims that the Rwandan economy is adversely affected – please, take your simplistic lies elsewhere. Rwandan warned your paymaster Kigofero to stop working with RNC terrorists (yourself as their mouthpiece included). Rwanda also warned the Kampala regime to stop harassing and mistreating innocent Rwandans, and your paymaster’s military Intelligence operatives, CMI, instead stepped up with mistreating Rwandans. So Kigali closed the border, to protect her citizens. And Ugandans ended up losing the Rwandan market, and their towns along the borders became ghost towns. Stop lying Murunganwa! But anyway, how would you live without lying? Impossible!

You even dare accuse Rwanda of using the Pegasus spyware, when in fact it is your very paymaster Museveni that used it to spy the US diplomatic personnel in Uganda? Wonders never cease!

What are you smoking Murunganwa? It must be strong stuff!

Fraud that you are, school failure that you are (with your straight 9s in O-levels) you claim that “Rwanda is not in a position to serve its debts.” You think people will fail to see that Rwanda has strong construction projects including roads, energy projects, stadiums, schools, health centers and private residential and commercial real estate are thriving? Or that the S&P forecasts Rwandan GDP growth of 7.7% annually over 2020-2023?

a laughable fellow Murunganwa is! Or are you mistaking Rwanda for a certain regime in the neighborhood that is so indebted even its airport has been confiscated by the Chinese?

RNC mouthpiece in the pay of Museveni and Rujugiro is just too amusing!

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