RNC Mouthpiece agitating for a diplomatic incident between Rwanda and UK

David Himbara, the RNC terrorist mouthpiece on Museveni and Rujugiro payroll, has jumped on the bandwagon of calls for open disregard of diplomatic principles and protocols. Anti-Rwandan forces have been pushing for UK not to accredit Johnston Busingye –Rwanda’s nominated ambassador to UK– for their hostile propaganda agenda. Soon enough, they will find out that international relation is not run on senseless propaganda.

The key argument advanced by Himbara and his fellow anti-Rwanda activist is that Johnston Busingye served as Justice Minister when Rusesabagina was arrested. But neither Himbara nor Rusesabagina supports want to talk about why he was arrested. Rusesabagina infamously called for violence publically. He said on his YouTube channel that they [MRCD-FLN] had launched a “Military” struggle in 2018 against the legitimate government in Rwanda. Sure enough, after his call to violence, Rusesabagina and his group attacked and killed 9 innocent Rwandans injuring many more.

The evidence was so strong that he decided to skip his own trial! How would he have explained the Western Union transfers to militia chiefs done in his wife’s name? The strong evidence pushes anti-Rwanda propaganda to avoid the substance of the case opting instead for theatrics instead. If UK maintained diplomatic relations Rwanda after Rusesabagina’s lawful arrest, it simply means that the case is not a factor in their bilateral relations. In fact, despite Rusesabagina’s arrest in August 2020, UK still sent a new High Commissioner to present his credential letter in June 2021. Why had the same propagandist not agitated against sending an envoy to Kigali?

With neo-colonial undertones, calls to reject Rwanda’s nominated chief of diplomatic mission are mere theatrics by hostile propagandists. One thing for sure, diplomacy has another set of rules based on reciprocity.

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