Warmonger Himbara and his sponsors show their true colors, scared of any peace between Rwanda and Burundi

RNC mouthpiece David Himbara sponsored by Museveni and Rujugiro expressed worry in his recent post about the relations between Rwanda and Burundi, especially after realizing that the First Ladies of the two countries are in close contact.

The worries of RNC chief mouthpiece Himbara a.k.a Murunganwa are easy to see through. His sponsor Museveni has for long wanted to use Burundi as a ground of hostilities against Rwanda, but the new leadership in Bujumbura has shown no interest in their shoddy interests. Museveni used to facilitate the transition of anti-Rwanda militia members recruited from Uganda to attack Rwanda from Burundi, or transit through Burundi to DRC jungles. He has since lost that route.

In fact, throughout the month of September this year, Himbara attempted to apply for a job in Burundi, but it appears that Burundi isn’t interested in his desperate application. He made several posts on his medium platform attempting to advise Burundi on governance and development, but all the posts hit a dead end and now he is left crying foul, trying to meddle in conversations between adults.

Himbara can rest assured that his subversive attempts will only stay on his computer screen, because other than his paymaster, all of East Africa aspires for a peaceful and stable environment for prosperity. He and his paymasters can eat their hearts out.

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