REVEALED: Museveni has been deploying Pegasus and blaming it on Rwanda

When Uganda’s propaganda machine – together with its allies – jumped onto the Pegasus bandwagon, they hurriedly blamed it on Rwanda yet never gave any tangible evidence to implicate Rwanda. Rwanda categorically denied using the spyware and in fact, the owners of the software, NSO Group also denied selling it to Rwanda. It turns out Museveni is a heavy user of the spy technology.

What lied behind the mob blaming of Rwanda was merely to cover up Museveni’s usage of the spyware; otherwise, of what interest are people like Ruhakana Rugunda, Sam Kutesa and Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine’s brother) be to Rwanda? Nothing. Coincidentally, these are people are of interest to Museveni as they held influential government positions in Uganda or members of opposition groups in Uganda. He had all reasons to keep them under close watch.

As mentioned, there was no evidence against Rwanda but on Museveni enormous evidence has just emerged. He has been using Pegasus to spy on journalists, politicians, and opposition figures. The extent is so serious that Apple has had to send a threat notification alerts to victims of state-sponsored hackers in Uganda.

Right after receiving his notifications, journalist Raymond Mujuni made a thread on twitter indicating that the spyware was sent on his phone and he located local number associated with sending phish text messages with links carrying a Pegasus spyware.

This was also the case for opposition figure Norbert Mao who tweeted, “cyber terrorism from state sponsored cyber terrorists is real” confirming that he has also been a target of Museveni’s cyber-crime.

It is now official, Museveni regime’s Pegasus activities are public; no wonder his minions were blaming Rwanda, it was a cover up.

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