Terrorist propagandist Himbara now attributing independent news reports to the Government of Rwanda

The chief mouthpiece of the RNC terrorist group, David Himbara has a specialty. He scavenges for anything to turn into a negative about Rwanda, usually with gross distortions. This can be seen in his recent smear against the Rwandan leadership that ridiculously wants to attribute what a private media house wrote about the attempted indoctrination of Gisa Jr – son of the late first commander of the RPF Fred Rwigema – by Museveni and his brother Salim Saleh. But now the shameless Murunganwa is claiming that the article somehow is evidence the Rwandan President “wants to harm Jr.”

Publicly, President Kagame called for the son of late Gen. Fred Rwigema to come home. He did so at the wedding of the young man’s sister, Teta, and everyone heard what the president said. President Kagame’s remarks at the wedding were well appreciated by the family of Rwigema. Naturally, Museveni and his RNC terrorists that he sponsors were very dismayed by President Kagame’s speech, because it will disrupt the years, and efforts they have invested in trying to exploit Rwigema’s son for their negative ends. Just like Al-Shabaab, ADF and other terrorist orgnizations, RNC depends on its ability to indoctrinate and radicalize young minds.

Himbara spends much time on social media with precisely that objective: to indoctrinate and radicalize. Luckily, he is still Muruganwa who failed his high school, and whose social media campaigns have equally failed. Will he change his name for a third time after wasting his sponsors’ money? Time will tell.

Fact is, as a manipulator sponsored to harm and cause pain, Himbara’s deepest wish is for something bad to happen to Rwigema’s son. It would give him something to write about, for Museveni and Rujugiro to keep crediting his account.

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