Rwanda’s consensual democracy is alien to Himbara and his sponsors, Mpayimana’s appointment surprised them!

The RNC mouthpiece, David Himbara, who is on Museveni and Rujugiro’s payroll to smear Rwanda has hit the keyboard again and this time, he is in shock that a former presidential candidate Philipe Mpayimana who lost the 2017 elections to President Kagame has been appointed by the President to serve his country.

Himbara a.k.a Murunganwa and his sponsors believe that Mpayimpana shouldn’t be employed by the same government that he stood and challenged; and they forget that actually majority of those that stood against the RPF candidate in the previous elections eventually worked with the same government.

This is because Rwanda opts for consensual Democracy, as opposed to confrontational politics. It is Rwanda’s very conscious choice of bringing all diverse ideas together to serve the people of Rwanda. Those steeped in the spirit of destruction like Himbara have been left behind. Well, the answer is simple: anyone who is bent at chaos and instability in Rwanda will always be left out, and those ready to serve for the country’s development will be brought on board to serve alongside others.

Murunganwa probably thinks people will forget that in the 2010 elections, candidates who stood against president Kagame included Dr Jean Damascene Ntawukiriryayo of PSD, Prosper Higiro of PL and Alvera Mukantabana. After the elections that the RPF candidate won, all the contenders bounced back in positions of authority either in the executive or legislative branch of government. In the 2017 presidential elections, the same process played out.

This is the consensual democracy that is alien to Himbara and his sponsors. It is expected for Himbara to miss these basic facts, having navigated his entire life through fraud: from a fake degree, to lies that earn him his current employment. He is a fraud who can only fool Museveni and Rujugiro; they waste their money.

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