Bankrolled by Museveni and Rujugiro, RNC Mouthpiece Himbara openly speaks for division and sectarianism

David Himbara aka Murunganwa – the Museveni and Rujugiro sponsored mouthpiece – writes yet another smear against Rwanda’s Head of State. Himbara’s attack is part of his paymasters’ spiteful online hostile propaganda. Museveni and Rujugiro thought they could usurp the liberation of Rwanda as they did with Uganda but found Rwanda under unshakable leadership.

Contrary to Himbara’s falsehood, the liberation of Rwanda by the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) that overthrew Habyarimana’s regime and stop the 1994 genocide against Tutsis was not the affair of one person making promises to “Tutsis”. The liberation was a national movement against Habyarimana’s nepotistic sectarian and genocidal regime, a form of governance very close to Museveni’s style. The simple fact that their mouthpiece Himbara rants in a “Hutu-Tutsi” distorted view of history shows that Museveni and Rujugiro are as sectarian and racist as Habyarimana.

It is not surprising that Museveni’s mouthpiece, who claims that the Bachwezi and Bahima liberated Uganda, sees the liberation of Rwanda as “Tutsi” affair. Himbara takes his cue from his sectarian paymaster who went on to turn Uganda in a family property. Indeed, it is only in Uganda that a First Lady who doubles as a Cabinet Minister while the son is the country’s land forces commander. After liberating Uganda, basically, Museveni enslaved it for 34 years.

Himbara cannot transpose Museveni’s failure to build a nation on Rwanda. When his RNC terrorist cronies like Kayumba Nyamwasa tried to usurp the liberation of Rwanda, they were rejected as the liberation was a national effort. Museveni and Rujugiro, just like Habyarimana, feed on division and sectarianism. Their desperation to divide and rule even had Himbara travel to Sweden on their dime to defend a convicted genocidaire in his appeal. They sent Himbara to pose as a defense witness for genocidaire Theodore Rukeratabaro who lost his appeal despite Himbara’s support.

Finally, one may ask; how can Himbara appoints himself the “Tutsi” spokesperson after defending Rukeratabaro? But as a mouthpiece, Himbara will be anything that his masters desire. Soon, he will be the Bachwezi-Bahima propagandist (assuming he is not already one).

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