Where bipolar disorder and obsessive thoughts meet, hyper fixation is born – the case of RNC propagandist Himbara

The RNC Mouthpiece, David Himbara, has been quite persistent with his smear against Rwanda with more unbelievable, senseless conspiracy theories. Paid to smear Rwanda by Museveni and Rujugiro, the mouthpiece creates imaginary links between Rwanda and the spy software Pegasus then goes on to drag in the United States.

Himbara aka Murunganwa is aware that he is offering a typically ridiculous conspiracy but continues to craft deceitful posts – one after the other.

Many a time, Himbara contradicts himself. What he publishes today will be contrary to what he will publish in the future. Either way, he goes on and on with these deliberate misinformative posts. Why? For a meal ticket from his sponsors!

For example, Rwanda, on several occasions, denied the preposterous accusations around the use of Pegasus. However, Himbara claims that US President is avoiding his Rwandan counterpart because of Pegasus. How ridiculous is that?

If the RNC propagandist Himbara and his paymasters are not in a self-destructive mode, then Himbara is battling bipolar disorder coupled with his excessive obsession with the Rwandan president.

Himbara’s useless conspiracy theories and smears will not cleanse his sponsors but bring the attention to the financiers of his online hate campaign.

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