RNC propagandist Himbara insinuates that Rome was built in one day

There is a Kinyarwanda saying that goes, “Ubuze icyo anenga inka aravuga ngo dore igicebe cyayo.” Loosely translated in English it would mean “bad-mouthing for the sake of bad-mouthing.”

This is exactly what RNC Mouthpiece, David Himbara does when it comes to his constant anti-Rwanda posts, since it is his job to appease his paymasters Museveni and Rujugiro. Clearly they have nothing honest to say about Rwanda, so it’s up to Himbara aka Murunganwa to invent smears, daily. One of his tricks is to disparage Rwanda’s successful projects.

Now Himbara is attacking the Agaciro Development Fund (probably for the hundredth time!) His smear is that since Agaciro Development Fund hasn’t ended foreign aid, then it is a failure! Murunganwa truly is the most shameless of all trolls! Even economic superpowers, such as Israeli, take aid, for any number of strategic reasons. How would Rwanda, a country still in the steep process of rebuilding, not take aid? Murunganwa tries to hoodwink people, taking his audience to be completely gullible.

Early last year, on April 04, 2020, Himbara went on social media to criticize the fund when it hit a US$ 200 million mark. He was caught pants down. The public gave him all the evidence and on April 09 of the same year, he published a post retracting his first one. He however did not delete the first one or even apologize for misleading the public. That is how shameless, cheap and desperate he has become.

In reality, Agaciro Development Fund is growing and growing fast. It is on course to achieve its mandate – which will only make Himbara and his sponsors gnash their teeth harder, in frustration.

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