Himbara aka Murunganwa is an open trashcan full of terrorism, drugs and alcohol!

David Himbara is the perfect definition of an attention seeker. On social media platforms, he shares his entire life and then turns around to claim that his life is in danger, that government agencies are hunting him down, etc… In his attention seeking spree, he also tries to kill two birds with one stone by fulling his sponsors, Museveni and Rujugiro, set quota of smear attacks on Rwanda.

Himbara exposes his entire life on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. On a regular basis, Himbara deliberately leaks his private data in a desperate move to seek attention. When he goes to rehab, he shares a selfie. Constantly, he publishes his CV online in a bid to remind himself of what he had achieved before his catastrophic collapsed in the abyss of RNC terrorism. Clumsy, David Himbara even shared some private moments on YouTube. During an interview on the RNC YouTube channel, viewers were amused to see a rather large sized Caribbean women pop into the frame in her nightgown. How can someone so careless wonder where his private information is sourced from?

The paid mouthpiece also documented his failed academic carrier for anyone that bothered to follow his social media rumbles. From the blue, he made public where he was teaching and then claimed to resign as there were too many Rwandans joining. In reality, he failed to publish any peer-reviewed article and failed to teach; he decided to beat the university to the curve with an expeditious resignation.

Now the troll claims that he sold his house for security reasons; give it time, soon the intoxicated propagandist will leak his money laundering issues with Tax officials. He will then blame Rwanda for his undeclared income and unpaid taxes.

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