RNC Terrorist propagandist Himbara’s anger is triggered by good news from Rwanda

From his self-imposed exile in Canada, intoxicated and bankrolled by Museveni and Rujugiro, Himbara aka Murunganwa relentlessly writes to smear Rwanda. To find a subject to distort and manipulate, the paid propagandist reads every article published by the NewTimes scanning every word written to twist. On hearing that the Kigali International Financial Centre made its debut on the Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI), the paid mouthpiece immediately began his distortions.

As with every index, GFCI’s ranking index needed to establish a baseline for a new entry – Kigali International Financial Center. It ranked Kigali 94th with a 548 rating, which according to GFCI is higher that more established financial centers. But for the terrorist mouthpiece, such a finding is impossible despite it being a new index entry. Himbara viciously attacks any reports of the GFCI Index for the simple reason that is contradicts his paid propaganda narrative.

It is not just GFCI that praises Kigali as a promising financial hub; IMF, World Bank and even private equity all express confidence in the financial sector in Rwanda. In August 2021, Rwanda raised US$ 620 million by issuing Eurobonds proving confidence even during a pandemic. Murunganwa cannot beat that and the resounding votes of confidence in the Rwandan financial sector listed by GFCI amongst the most 15 promising centers.

With business after business announcing closure of their operations in Uganda due to extortion and corruption; Museveni and Himbara find it impossible to get Kampala on any such listing. Envious, they resort to smear and propaganda in vain; fact are stubborn and more positive news continues to emerge from Rwanda.

Hostile spin and propaganda will not stop progress.

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