RNC Mouthpiece Himbara recycles fake numbers to smear Rwanda with

Terrorist mouthpiece David Himbara aka Murunganwa, a quisling in the pay of Ugandan ruler Museveni, and RNC chief financier Rujugiro in his anti-Rwanda crusade now is out of ideas to smear Rwanda with. The mouthpiece is recycling smears he published only six days ago, about imaginary prices of Covid-19 test costs in Rwanda.

The propagandist writes that a covid-19 test costs US$ 50 when in reality US$ 5 is the set maximum price for a covid-19 rapid test in private clinics, and free in government mass testing exercises. Deliberately, Himbara uses the difference between a rapid test and a PCR test for travelers to distort reality. To top it off, the paid mouthpiece adds his usual imaginary data on poverty in Rwanda. What Himbara will not write is that medical care in Rwanda is accessible to all Rwandans through its Mutuelle de Santé (National Health Care) system. He will also not tell you that under the Ugandan regime he shills for, people long ago lost the most basic of a social security safety net, and now those who can’t afford hospital admission during the pandemic are just left to die, unless they can afford millions in private hospital costs.

The paid mouthpiece cannot hide the failures of his master with his attempted deflections against Rwanda.

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