Propagandist Himbara irked by Rwanda’s record in Mozambique, craft deceitful propaganda

RNC mouthpiece David Himbara aka Murunganwa has jumped in with anti-Rwanda mud. Very predictable of Murunganwa. Ironically, in June, he was the first to bandy misinformation around, that “SADC leaders had rejected Rwandan military deployment to Mozambique. That lie quickly died when Mozambique confirmed that Rwanda indeed had deployed its 1000-strong contingent of troops. The indefatigable and shameless Himbara quickly migrated to a new position: that “Rwanda will fail.” Again another of Murunganwa’s fast and loose utterances was disproved.

Now that Rwanda and Mozambican forces have dislodged the jihadists moreover in record time, Himbara the propagandist in the pay of RNC chief financier Rujugiro and Ugandan ruler Museveni has no choice but to concoct something to discredit the Rwandan forces. But if anything, the capacity of Murunganwa’s mind to spin lies is unmatched. Now he has come up with the claim that “Rwanda is protecting Total’s gas reserves on behalf of the French government.” He is spinning a good deed of African solidarity into a sinister plot to secure overseas corporate interests. He wants people to forget that the people of Mozambique requested Rwanda, as a brotherly state, to help squelch a terrorist threat, and that Rwanda heeded that request, nothing else.

Himbara wants to divert attention from the fact that the intervention has succeeded, by injecting a complete lie.

That’s Murunganwa in a nutshell – a total reactionary.

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