RNC Propagandist Himbara Thinks Others Are As Corrupt as Him

Rage and obsession in the Museveni and Rujugiro’s sponsored smear campaign against Rwanda is at all times high. It is evident in their paid mouthpiece David Murunganwa aka Himbara’s absurd linkage of a government reshuffle in South Africa to Rwanda. Their smear campaign has failed, and now fictional tales is about the only thing they have left.

In Himbara’s latest concoction, the terrorist propagandist jubilates that South Africa changed its minister of finance who he terms as a pro-Rwanda “propagandist”. He ridiculously projects his job description to that of a former government Minister in South Africa. Himbara ought to read all his past posts for the last ten years, he will find out what a propagandist’s job description is!

For the past ten years, all Himbara’s post are negatively titled with “Kagame” or “Rwanda” in pure propaganda fashion. He puts in practices the propaganda theory on repeating his lies over and over again, hoping that eventually it will be perceived to be true. The relentless repetition is sponsored by the Ugandan regime and Rujugiro but recently suffered a bruising defeats.

Himbara’s preferred smear is that the economy of Rwanda is failing. He repeated this and even secured Ugandan state owned media to help push his lie. Their lie fell apart when Rwanda successfully issued $620 million EuroBonds, over subscribed by $1.6 Billion; the market still trusts the Rwandan economy despite all the smears.

Himbara failed in his mission to sabotage the Rwandan economy, but also failed to tarnish diplomatic relations with his lies. Not so long ago, Himbara lied that Rwanda’s “intervention in Mozambique was blocked by SADC”, but that lie too ended in embarrassment for its perpetrators. The blatant attempts to drag Rwanda in internal South African politics is now their rescue plan.

Himbara’s latest propaganda smears are therefore inspired by his own self-inflicted misfortunes. He should know that normal government officials (and former ones) don’t engage in propaganda for a foreign state; it would be treason. Unlike RNC terrorists that commit treason for Museveni’s coins, other people have integrity.

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