RNC Propagandist David Himbara exploits radicalized Karasira

David Himbara is dancing about like an enraged dog with the successful radicalization of Aimable Karasira, another recruit to by his anti-Rwanda propaganda. Himbara and his RNC terrorist organization has established a pattern of exploitation after radicalization, they fool you that you are popular, drag you to commit crimes and then benefit from your sorrows.

Karasira, Idamange, Kizito and many others fell for the “praise trap”, terrorists and genocidaires based abroad constantly seek for someone in Rwanda to manipulate and weaponize. Anyone desperate enough fair terrorist and genocidal praises will be used and dumped by them and Himbara has just proven it with his vulture post! The lure you to deny the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda, they make you run criminal smear (e.g. lies that the President is dead), or pull you in a conspiracy to commit terrorist acts.

There are several anti-Rwanda predators online, and all enjoyed using Karasira as their lapdog but the RNC mouthpiece Himbara has already moved to his next phase of exploitation. Himbara is a coward, he says so himself, but he is also a renowned opportunist. His selfish interest leads him to betray Genocide survivors for the benefit of Genocidaire, Genocide denial, and terrorist organization. But just as terrorist organizations indoctrinate recruits into suicide missions, Himbara and his fellow anti-Rwanda social media operators lure and lurk; they lure you to do their biddings and wait for your troubles to cash in.

It is important to note that Karasira had sparked so much outrage with his genocide denial and diversionist ideology that private citizens had lined up with lawyers to sue him. Most likely, the online terrorist mouthpieces will now start a “GoFundMe” and make money on Karazira’s legal trouble. The pattern of radicalization is clear, there are predators and victims; Himbara is a predator.

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