RNC Propagandist David Himbara fooling his sponsors

David Himbara, who pretends to be an economist, is still trying to serve his RNC terrorist militia with online propaganda. On news that Vuba corporations was investing in modern transport such as PRT (Personal Rapid Transit), the terrorist mouthpiece immediately attacked it with innuendo and smear. Faking to be informed about the companies involved, he feigns expertise as a market analyst.

His “Eureka” moment is listing who is who in Vuba corporation especially “Rwandan” nationals. The company’s name “Vuba” is in Kinyarwanda, the first line on the company’s website is “Vuba is a USA and Rwandan Smart City mobility company that provides an ICT solution for public transport.” Why would anyone be surprised that the team has Rwandan nationals? Besides, the information that Rwandans work in Vuba is public on their websites. The RNC propagandist is, once again, plagiarizing and trying to fake in-depth knowledge.

Well, the only fools are his sponsors.

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