Himbara’s empty and dishonest rants only fool his RNC masters

In his latest distortion of facts, David Himbara, who is hell-bent on trotting out his petty propaganda based upon dodgy statistics and zero evidence, while simultaneously being a subversive who threatens to destabilize Rwanda and foment chaos on behalf of the RNC terrorist organization completely fails to show how Rwanda became one of the cleanest nations on the globe. Out of envy, he merely asserts that the capital city of Kigali faces sanitation challenges.

Despite Himbara’s hollow bleating, substantial figures clearly show that the percentage of households with access to improved sanitation in Rwanda has increased considerably over the past five years- from 59% to 75%, according to the latest Integrated Household Living Conditions Survey (EICV, 3). Additionally, people using at least basic sanitation services, rural (% of rural population) in Rwanda went from 42.31 in 2000 to 69.60 as of 2017.

Idiotically, Himbara is also hugely naïve or deliberately ignorant to mention the wealth of data-based evidence, grim enough to show the clean urban sanitation in Rwanda such as the fact that as of the end of March 2020, 214 cleaning services, 7 liquid wastewater treatment systems, 6 liquid-solid waste collection and transportation, 5 solid waste recycling services, 2 treatment of hazardous waste management, 31 solid waste collection, and transportation licenses were issued in the need to increase the hygiene and cleaning services in Rwanda.

With no proof to back up anything he says, Himbara also claims that Kigali faces challenges of untreated solid and liquid waste from latrines and septic tanks but it’s on a record that between 2005 and 2011, the provision of refuse collection services in urban areas increased from 23 to 30 percent while the use of compost heaps increased in rural areas from 60 to 64 percent.

More to that, Rwanda has also been using private entrepreneurs to empty the pits, collect the fecal sludge in ponds and sell it to farmers.

Nevertheless, one can be a hundred percent that Himbara’s empty and dishonest rantings will never stop the Rwandan government to keep working around the clock to ensure that Rwanda remains clean with proper sanitation facilities.

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