Will Major General Lockech end up incriminating Museveni at the ICC?

Since his appointment as deputy Inspector General of Police, Major General Lockech has done everything to distance himself with the killings committed by Gen. Muhoozi’s SFC and various units of the security forces placed under the direct control of the bloody dictator, Museveni. These dark forces which operate in total impunity have committed horrors amounting to crimes against humanity, including systematic rape, torture, enforced disappearances and killings, which fall under the jurisdiction of the ICC.

News coming from lawyers representing survivors and the families of victims indicate that one episode that occurred during these past months of violence caught the attention of ICC prosecutors, and that was the killing of former national boxing captain Isaac Ssenyange, alias Mando Zebra. In February this year, police sources revealed to the daily monitor that investigations into the killings of Zebra had been completed and that they were awaiting Museveni order to arrest Zebra’s killers.

Prosecutors have learned that Major General Lockech arranged for the news to leak to the media so as to distance himself from the killings and to show that he had his hands tied since the killers were protected by Museveni himself. Whether Gen Lockech will further cooperate with the prosecutors remains to be seen.

However, this development is a breakthrough in efforts to legally establish the direct responsibility of Museveni in the crimes committed since the November 2020 massacres.

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