Calling Uganda Police the kindest is like praising a pig of being cleanest!

I read the other day in reports that Uganda Police was ranked “among the kindest” by the World Internal Security Police Index (WISPI). In the same report it even scooped the highest ranking in the ‘humane index’. I haven’t recovered from the laughter since then, I was like SERIOUSLY??

It shouldn’t be, not under the cold-blooded murderer Museveni, not under the ceremonial dimwit IGP Martin Okoth Ochola or his criminal deputy Paul Lokech. In fact Lokech and his boss try to compete with the psychopathic CMI death merchant Abel KandihO to show Museveni who is more ferocious in abducting, torturing, and innocent Ugandans.

Like the rest of the Uganda security apparatus, the Uganda Police is a haven of villains, corruption cartels, human rights violators and Museveni praise singers. The just concluded elections served as the ideal litmus paper that showed how far away the security forces in general have strayed from the noble mission of protecting the population and their property. They are racing in the opposite direction.

The world went into shock when Uganda’s Inspector General of Police, Martin Okoth Ochola, during a press conference refused to apologize for the violence of security forces against Ugandans and members of the media. You could have heard a pin drop when Ochola stated that by assaulting Ugandans, the security forces are actually “protecting Ugandans from themselves!” “We shall beat you to protect you from yourselves!” the old dullard said.

Some “kind” police this is!

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