Obed Katureebe drags Rwanda in his master’s mess

Whenever the Ugandan tyrant is overwhelmed by his self-inflicted mess, his paid attack dogs scapegoat Rwanda to misdirect Ugandans from the true causes of their problems.

For instance Katurebe falsely claims that “Millions of dollars from different external elements, including those from the Rwandan Head of State.” This propaganda aims to divert the attention of Ugandan voters from defeating the dictator’s oppression.

By pushing the ‘external actors’ narrative, the troll wants to mislead the world that the ongoing turmoil was instigated by Rwanda and other foreign players by financing the opposition. He omits to acknowledge the fact that the ‘struggle’ is internally financed by change hungry Ugandans who are determined to reverse the regime’s oppression.

Museveni’s blame games are not new. Only the gullible will believe Katurebe’s nonsense.

One can only live to wait for a day when Museveni will learn to carry his own cross without scapegoating neighbors and learns to stop meddling in the internal affairs of other countries.

For Museveni and his allies, the focus should be shifted to the current chaotic electioneering and vote-rigging practices, not Rwanda.

Museveni and his sycophants tend to forget that their anti-Rwanda alliance will never accomplish their ill-conceived mission of destabilizing Rwanda.

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