CMI- RNC propagandist David Himbara’s ignorance is not bliss, it’s Rwandaphobic

Having failed miserably to distort the compelling evidence that shows Rwanda’s strong economic growth, high rankings in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index and the outstanding accountability record that has resulted into high increase in Foreign Direct Investment, the weed hophead propagandist, David Himbara is grumbling in his latest blog post following President Paul Kagame’s statement during the 2020 State of the Nation Address where he said that Rwanda registered 172 investment projects in 2020, worth $1.2 billion.

First, the fiasco-ridden Himbara should be reminded that the high increase in foreign investment stated by the president is a result of a series of policy reforms undertaken by the government of Rwanda leading to global businesses such as Volkswagen, Motorola Solutions, Andela and Radisson to increase their operation in Rwanda where they provide jobs to young Rwandans.

Secondly, the RNC propagandist should remember that at the beginning of this year, global companies including Volkswagen (in partnership with Siemens), Ampersand, and Safiride to name but a few, started rolling out environment friendly transport solutions through electric vehicles and motorcycles on the street of Kigali and other parts of Rwanda resulting to an increase in Foreign Direct Investment as stated by the Rwandan Head of State.

Moreover, one of the reasons for the high increase in Foreign Direct Investment is the fact that the Rwandan government continued to offer incentives to foreign investors through the Rwanda Development Board in the form of fiscal and non-fiscal incentives.

In truth, the weed addict Himbara is fuming his usual moronic and asinine thoughts on the Rwandan economic development; he does it as a way to keep deceiving Museveni to give him funds as part of his anti-Rwanda campaign. Perhaps, Himbara and his paymaster should focus on Uganda where corruption, government malinvestment, and political insecurity have weakened FDI inflows.

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