Claude Gatebuke spins the lawful arrest of terrorist suspect Mitsindo

It was just a matter of time before Claude Gatebuke, the founder of a group known as African Great Lakes Action Network, AGLAN, infamous for its commitment to the revisionism of the Genocide Against the Tutsi start sanitizing the arrest of a terrorist suspect named Mitsindo Viateur.

Hutu extremist Gatebuke who masquerades as a Genocide survivor and yet known for his genocide denialism ideology is a good example of how Anti-Rwanda individuals fume whenever the Rwandan government brings terrorists to justice. Whoever works with any foreign terrorist groups bent on destabilizing Rwanda hard-earned peace earns sympathy from ill-intentioned elements.

What Gatebuke fails to understand is that people reap what they sow. As explained by the Rwanda Investigation Bureau on November 17, 2020, Mitsindo Viateur is, for now, suspected to work with Anti-Rwanda terrorist groups, he is currently in police custody and his family members are aware, have been visiting him.

Gatebuke and Co’s incoherent rants won’t erase the fact that if found guilty, Mitsindo Viateur will spend between 15 to 20 years in prison as provided by the Rwandan laws.

Gatebuke will soon have his day in court.

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