Despot Museveni and his minions still can’t grasp that #RwandaWorks

Museveni’s favorite proxy dog Obed Katureebe- Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere still has guts to yap following the recent arrest of his arm-rotting paymaster comrade in arms Paul Rusesabagina.

The nutty CMI troll embarked on hurling mud at the Zambian President- Edgar Lungu in attempt to drag him into Rusesabagina’s arrest after the old 70-year old mastermind of terrorist attacks found himself in Rwanda.

Lungu is not the president of Burundi, if there is anyone to be implicated in terrorist Rusesabagina’s trip to Africa and his arrest should be the Burundian regime ruler.

Despot Museveni’s backed terrorist Rusesabagina revealed on his own how he found himself in Rwanda after his trip to Burundi ended at Kigali International Airport.

If the efforts to cover up tyrant Museveni’s connivance with Rusesabagina to topple the Rwandan government, Katureebe omits to tell the gullible that Rusesabagina was scheduled to meet the Burundi incompetent ruler Evariste Ndayishimiye and especially despot Museveni for their shared ill-conceived scheme to destabilize Rwanda.

As revealed by the previous UN Group of Experts (UNGoE) report both Uganda and Burundi support anti-Rwanda terrorist groups with aim to overthrow Rwanda’s democratically elected leadership.

The region’s Chief Meddler Museveni is spending sleepless nights thinking about the beans that Rusesabagina will spill. But when the rubber meets the road the world shall know who the cancer-dying dictator Museveni really is.

Watch this space.

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