CMI Troll Katureebe diverts the Bazukulu from the imminent blast of Uganda’s ticking bomb

The CMI funded empty-headed Facebook troll Obed Katureebe hiding under CMI pseudo account Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere continues his diversion tricks as Museveni’s family engages in backroom power play over his succession.

Katureebe’s division tricks are intended to distract the Bazukulu’s focus from the worsening security situation as the country braces for presidential elections.

The CMI loon troll Katureebe’s claims that Ange Kagame is Rwanda’s Co Vice President is total hypocrisy. The Rwandan constitution provides no such position.

As Uganda stairs for an imminent death of its arm-rotting dictator Museveni, tensions are on the rise within the Rwakitura anarchy. As part of the ongoing succession battles, the epileptic First lady Janet Kataha Mwesigwa Makumbi Museveni hatched a scheme to kill her bedridden husband before the general elections.

The Genetically Modified LDU General Casanova Muhoozi Kainerugaba and Odrek Rwabwogo- who married Patience Museveni are fighting for the throne with the latter endorsed by the epileptic Kataha Mwesigwa who sees Muhoozi’s rule as a nightmare.

CMI’s dull-witted agent Katureebe who was ranting about the security for the Rwandan First Daughter, seems to have forgotten that one member of Museveni’s family moves with a battalion of soldiers and armored vehicles.

While the Bubblehead Kakureebe continues to write moronic posts about the Rwandan First Family, he needs to remind himself that Museveni’s family members own almost every top performing venture in Uganda after allocating all national resources to themselves.

Many who have been to Uganda know very well how Museveni’s drunko son Muhoozi and his daughters threaten wanainchi’s lives with their 30 cars long motorcades each. Their security was recently beefed up to protect them from the threat emerging from the growing public anger .

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