Rugigana is serving his jail sentence but where are Gen Aronda, Mayombo, Abiriga and Kirumira?

Dear Bazukulu of the arm-rotting dictator,

Rwanda maintains its stand on upholding the rule of law where terrorists are prosecuted in accordance with due process, contrary to Uganda where wanainchis and suspected offenders are shot dead or poisoned in broad daylight. Obed Katureebe aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere on Facebook still has no shame to play his monkey tricks diverting Ugandans’ attention from Museveni’s failure to restore peace and order in the country.

In Katureebe and dictator Musecveni’s hyena mentality, they think they can fool anyone by attacking Rwanda’s functional judicial systems forgetting what happens back in the Matooke republic where Ugandans have suffered injustices, impunity from a corrupt and ineffective judiciary which is influenced by the arm-rotting dictator and the Bahima cartels.

Ugandans should read between the lines when senior NRM cadres like Al Hajj Naduli say that ‘Museveni has done worse than Obote’. For instance, Museveni claims there is democracy and freedom of speech in Uganda but the 81-year old dictator has killed and recently renewed his commitment to killing whoever shows interest in the presidency. As the despot struggles on his deathbed, a plan has been leaked to install his Genetically Modified LDU General Drunko son Muhoozi Kainerugaba. He issued orders to eliminate whoever opposes the plan.

“People like Kabaka-who is Kabaka, I don’t care about him being a King, am not a Muganda, and that young man called Bobi Wine, they should be reminded about what happened to Brig Noble Mayombo or Gen Aronda Nyakairima. When i tried to sell the idea of Mohoozi Project to them they argued and now where are they? So Kabaka Mutebi and Bobi Wine must go,” a fly on the wall at Nakasero State House revealed in Museveni’s own words.

On Lt Col Rugigana’s case, he’s a convict of treason and terrorism charges who is serving his jail sentence. Katureebe should tell Ugandans in which prisons are Brig Mayombo, Gen Aronda, Kazini, Abiliga serving their sentences from.

Contrary to what happens in the Matooke Republic of Uganda, in Rwanda criminals including high profile terrorists like Nsabimana Callixte, La Forge Bazeye, Deo Mushayidi, Rusesabagina are treated in accordance with due process, they are accorded rights to legal representation, and held in lawful custody.

If Katureebe thinks there has ever been the rule of law in Uganda, he should shed light on the outcomes of the investigations on the assassinations of AIGP Felix Kaweesi, Col Ibrahim Abiriga, Maj Dr Sheikh Muhammad Kigundu, ASP Muhammad Kirumira, People Power’s activist Yasin Kawum. But none has to question his bedridden arm-rotting dictator, Ugandans know Museveni issued orders to kill these people and for that matter, Ugandans have and will never expect justice from Museveni.

In his efforts to water down the views of his political opponents, the cancer-stricken despot uses the state machinery (UPDF, Police, and the LDUs) to eliminate whoever stands as an obstacle to his life presidency. Rwanda is a functional multiparty democracy that should never be, in any way, compared to an outlaw like Uganda.

Katureebe’s efforts to slander the Rwandan leadership remain an exercise in futility. The ailing tyrant Museveni should focus on fixing Uganda.

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