In tearful propaganda Nuwamanya sanitizes Rusesabagina, but in vain

Sulah Nuwamanya, the RNC and CMI megaphone has been crying a river on the arrest of a suspected criminal and terrorist Paul Rusesabagina, yet, little does he know on the prospects and mighty power of a credible justice endowed to Rwanda.

Contrary to what the RNC stooge claims, Rusesabagina is neither an activist nor a critic, he is simply a terrorist suspect and a genocide denier. Even before his appearance before courts of law, Rusesabagina participated and claimed responsibilities of terror activities that took lives of innocent Rwandans, especially those that were carried in the Southern Province in 2018.

Rusesabagina claiming responsibility for terrorist attacks

From US, Rusesabagina’s primary base, the suspected criminal made it clear in interviews recorded on videos that his terror group FLN was behind attacks in Nyabimata that claimed the lives of two people and injured three including the executive secretary Vincent Nsengiyumva. The later had his car torched while the deceased were hacked with machetes on the night of June 20th 2018.

Sulah Nuwamanya could not make fun of himself by claiming that Rusesabagina is a US and a Belgian citizen, even when he is a naturalized Rwandan. Like an expert on international law and diplomacy stated Rusesabagina was born Rwandan, he committed crimes on Rwandan soil, so whether American or Belgian or something else, he cannot escape the long arm of the courts. Better still that he will be tried in the exact place where he committed crimes and victims will see the arm of justice into full swings.

The panic within the so called opposition against Rwanda is imminent and no doubt those like Sulah Nuwamanya, Prossy Boonabana, Kayumba Nyamwasa, Rugema, Sam Ruvuma, Frank Ntwali, Obed Katuurebe and so many others under the paycheque of CMI have just grasped the notion of Rwanda’s relentless course of pursuing justice to criminals hiding in every little corner of the world.

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