Despot Museveni issues “Shoot to Kill” orders as unrest looms in Uganda

Dear Bazukulu of the arm-rotting dictator,

I will, today, begin with acknowledging the feedback from the Bazukulu who pledged to be in total concurrence with me on Despot Museveni’s deployment of his mouthpieces to slander the Rwandan leadership as part of attention diversion from a worsening situation in Uganda ahead of the much-contested 2021 presidential race.

Museveni’s favorite attack-dog Obed Katureebe aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere on Facebook- who’s is paid on Ugandan taxpayers’ money posing as a public servant at Uganda Communication Commission(UCC), is again diverting attention from Museveni and his mafia gang’s ongoing killing spree targeting opposition politicians and activists.

Many are taken by surprise when they see what Museveni mouthpiece writes about Rwanda at the same time keeping his mouth muzzled on the scandalous events happening in Uganda. But what irks CMI clown Katureebe and Despot Museveni are to see Rwandans maintaining oneness, focusing their efforts on the course of developing their country regardless of Museveni’s wishful thoughts.

Speaking from an informed perspective, Rwandans feel safe and trusting their security agencies. Independents studies have evidenced that Rwandans trust their security organs at the rate of 94.97%. Katureebe’s claims are baseless and only meant to reduce Tyrant Museveni’s stress levels.

Talking about security agencies and the people, one can’t proceed without talking about Museveni’s brutal security forces, UPDF, Police, and the LDUs. The latest reports show these brainwashed partisan forces have killed hundreds of innocent wanainchis in the guise of enforcing COVID-19 containment measures. They did not only stop at killing them but even looted their properties and in some areas raped women. Katurrebe will never tell this kind of stories but Ugandans are aware and only waiting for the right time to ouster the Munyarwanda refugee.

Ugandans should reengineer their efforts to renounce Museveni’s kleptocratic rule; if a clown like Katureebe really loves Uganda as he pretends, there are pertinent issues of impunity, corruption, nepotism, and systematic killings which should be brought to their attention not invented stories about Kigali.

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