Museveni gave assurances that he has Rutabana under protection; if he has decided to kill him let him handover the body to the family for proper burial”

Dear Bazukulu of the Arm-Rotting Dictator Museveni

Museveni’s favorite online mercenaries Obed Katureebe aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere, CMI midget agent Titus Seruga have ganged up with CMI sponsored tabloids Softpower News owned by Gen Salim Saleh and Kandiho mistress Sarah Kagingo, and CommandonePost of Bob Atwine, to divert attention from mounting pressure to produce RNC terrorist Ben Rutabana, who was abducted and held incommunicado on arrival at Entebbe airport in Uganda last October.

For those who know the cancer-stricken dictator Museveni very well, having started distancing himself from Rutabana and denying holding the terrorist simply means he wants to kill him or he has already killed him. According to a reliable source, Rutabana was abducted by CMI agents; the car that was used to abduct him was later seen parked at the CMI Headquarters, Mbuya.

According to an American NGO (Relief and Human Rights Initiative (IRHRI)’s investigative report, Rutabana was picked up at Entebbe Airport by CMI agents at the behest of RNC Chief Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa.

Prior to his trip to Uganda, Rutabana had serious disagreements with Kayumba, the duo was engaged in constant battles for control of the RNC and Kayumba feared Rutabana could overthrow him.

Rutabana and a section of RNC honchos had been accusing Kayumba of handling the group as his personal kiosk and blamed his poor leadership for the loss of thousands of their militias in Minembwe, DRC.

Rutabana also accused Kayumba of appointing family members to leadership positions, diverting membership fees to his personal businesses that include a transport business he runs in the Mozambique capital Maputo.

The investigative report revealed that after Nyamwasa, through his in-law Frank Ntwali –RNC youth wing leader, warned Rutabana to not come to Uganda of which the former refused and insisted to travel to the country, Nyamwasa connived with CMI head Maj Gen Abel Kandiho who ordered his abduction; Rutabana was held in a secret detention at CMI Mbuya until they no longer knew what to do with him and probably decided to kill him.

Now that IRHRI mounts pressure on Dictator Museveni and his security agencies to produce Rutabana, the bedridden frail autocrat Museveni is now changing positions, unleashing his propaganda media to frame Rwanda for the terrorist’s missing. Remember, Musevni had promised IRHRI boss to look into the matter and assured them that Rutabana would be protected. Why would Museveni assure anyone that Rutabana was safe if he didn’t have him?

The CMI funded propagandists dodge the fact that Rutabana’s wife Diane Rutabana, his sister Thabita Gwiza and other family members issued a detailed letter on Rutabana pinning Nyamwasa and Kandiho for abducting Rutabana.

Greg Smith Heavens, the president of IRHRI, told journalists in Kampala that people handling Rutabana are very powerful; they threatened his organization and his staff family members if they don’t stop investigating Rutabana’s dossier. Mr Smith meant CMI’s Maj Gen Kandiho and Nyamwasa given his close relationship with despot Museveni.

If Museveni has changed his mind after giving reassurance that he would protect Rutabana and had decided to kill him, then should hand over the body to his family for proper burial.

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