Archive: Fake Alerts By #TerroristKayumbaNyamwasa

As a way to make famous his matooke seller cousin, Rugema Kayumba, terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa smears lies about Rugema’s death threats. He alleged that Gen. James Kabarebe is hunting the matooke seller together with what he calls “J3.” He clearly wants to bring his corporal cousin to the limelight.

In the fugitive’s allegations, he mentions that Rugema’s head is wanted at all cost and he claimed that “the source of his information was DMI.” But the fugitive did not show any proof. As he quoted Gen. Kabarebe, Nyamwasa did not mention when or where Gen Kabarebe said what the fugitive quoted. Something that confirms it’s another fabricated story.

Rugema is no ordinary RNC member; he is also a senior troll and Kayumba’s best ally. In 2010, the two terrorists and their operatives detonated grenades that killed 17 innocent people and 400 were injured in Rwanda. Rugema was not only involved in terrorism, but he was also in charge of abduction and torture of innocent Rwandans in Uganda given power by the Ugandan government. With the partnership of Ugandan Chieftaincy Military Intelligence (CMI), Rugema would decide which Rwandan to abduct, harass and torture. 

After leaving Uganda, Rugema always smears lies and anti-Rwanda propaganda on his Facebook page. Together, with terrorist Kayumba, Rugema feeds their audiences with hateful words, divisionism and lies with an aim to tarnish Rwanda. They continuously abusive Rwanda and its leaders and this, is to please their senior sponsor Yoweri Museveni.

In alarming his audience that Rugema is being hunted down, terrorist Nyamwasa thinks that his favorite cousin’s criminal records will be rubbed off from his readers’ minds.

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