CMI-ISO wranglers leave Seruga dazed and confused

The Ugandan Chieftaincy for Military (CMI) Intelligence Facebook agent, Titus Seruga aka Serubwa, is lost for words and confused. Back in the day when things were simple, his employee CMI and their ISO sister agency pulled together all sorts of xenophobic attacks against Rwandans and Ugandans of Rwandan origins.

When ISO, led by Kaka Byagenda, was still dancing on the same tune as CMI under Kandiho’s command, Seruga’s smearing skills were deployed to assist ISO in mudslinging the former IGP of the Ugandan Police Kale Kayihura. As faith would have it; Kandiho is now hunting for Bagyenda’s head and he is using the Fake News peddled against the former IGP which they had asked Seruga to relay on his Facebook!

All evidence cooked by Kaka Bagyenda has since been discredited. Seruga, lost for words, is also among those who have been writing for Kandiho to chase out Bagyenda for lying to the president.

Seruga needs to make up his mind whether Bagyenda’s Intel should be trusted or not.

He can’t have it both ways!

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