Uganda failed to honour Luanda commitments, gets new scapegoat

Spyreports Ug – an affiliate of CommandPost Ug – both of which are anti-Rwanda media oulets used by Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), have jumped on Zambia’s reaction to terrorist Callixte Nsabimana’s claims and tried to use that to demonize Rwanda. The tabloid dodged to point out that Uganda is actually highly implicated in Nsabimana’s case, and has also failed to abide by the terms of the Luanda Memorandum of Understanding.

In their article titled, “Zambia Trashes Claims that Edgar Lungu Supported Rebels to Overthrow Kagame”, and published on both platforms, the motor-mouthed tabloids – famously known for publishing deceitful content – fail to address the exact problems that Rwanda has with Uganda, and that Rwanda has raised within the framework of the MoU – signed in Luanda by the presidents of Rwanda and Uganda last year in August.

The issues Rwanda has (indisputably) raised range from Kampala’s backing and facilitation of several terror groups bent on destabilizing Rwanda, to harassment, arbitrary arrests and illegal detentions, as well as torture and other abuses of Rwandans that they never give a chance to defend themselves in court.

In fact, when Nsabimana first appeared before the Gasabo Primary Court where he pleaded guilty to all the 16 charges he faces, he also went ahead to reveal that his group held several meetings with top Ugandan military officials including Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho, the head of CMI, to discuss military and diplomatic support. But both SpyReports and CommandPost which are financed by Kandiho, tactfully dodge any mention of the role of their financier (in the FLN case) yet it is now public information.

“By the time of my arrest, we were planning to go back to Uganda to finalise the deal. Your honour, I am guilty of my involvement and plead for your mercy,” Nsabimana told court in May last year. Of course the CMI-run propagandists swept this information under the carpet. Over a year later they dare not raise it. One doesn’t need to ask why. It’s simply clear, Nsabimana knows much to implicate Uganda, and he will reveal a lot more soon.

The same Uganda is harboring members of RUD-Urunana, a terror group responsible for a terror attack in Kinigi last October during which 14 innocent civilians died before Rwandan security put the terrorists out. Furthermore Uganda has been issuing passports to FDLR and RNC terrorists, yet SpyReports and CommandPost are silent about all this.

The diversionary tricks won’t hold.

Uganda will be held to account.

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