Whatever Museveni plans to do to Ugandans, Katureebe blames it on Rwanda

Dear Bazukulu of Dictator Museveni

As the regime continues to kill innocent Ugandans, the situation has compelled me to remind the Bazukulu that this is not a coincidence rather a pre-planned plot by Museveni to eliminate those with divergent views, whom he perceives as obstacles to his life presidency.

Remember Uganda’s special purpose vehicle NRM Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba’s public pronouncement that “the state will kill your children”, she was sent by Museveni to threaten the Bazukulu to keep away from politics and dance his drumbeater.

Museveni has always killed his opponents and innocent Bazukullu in protests by using the state machiner to execute his ‘shoot to kill’ orders on protesting crowds. Yasin Kawuma is a recent example; he was shot dead by SFC commandos in Arua. Hannington Ssewankambo aka Sweet Pepsi, a young People Power activist was brutally tortured, dumped by police officers, he later succumbed to torture injuries. Emmanuel Tegu, a Makerere University student was clobbered to death by Museveni’s police.

Beware that everything Museveni wants or plans to do to Ugandans, he instructs his minion Obed Katureebe aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere to project it to Rwanda, the intent behind is attention diversion from the ongoing political turmoil in Uganda.

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