Katureebe should tell Bazukulu that Kandiho and Kaka are killing them and stealing their taxes

Dear Bazukulu of Dictator Museveni,

As i have always warned you, whenever you see Obed Katureebe aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere on Facebook, throwing mud at the Rwandan leadership, just know the motormouthed troll wants to cover up dictator Museveni’s role in destroying your own country.

Katureebe should be writing about the endless infighting in your security organs which have left many dead as opposed to their constitutional mandate of insuring safety of Ugandans. For instance, something that Bazukulu will never hear about in the Ugandan media is the heated feud between CMI’s Maj Gen Abel Kandiho and his longtime nemesis Col (Rtd) Kaka Bagyenda over operation funds. The two sycophants are fighting to take a lion share of Ugandan taxpayers’ money, which they actually venture into personal businesses in the disguise of securing your country and curbing criminality.

Bazukulu don’t be deluded by fake media reports that Rwanda has infiltrated security organs in your country; these are fake intelligence reports created by Kandiho and Kaka to justify huge sums of money allocated in the security apparatus. The duo has a task of instilling divisionism and hatred in citizens of both countries who have enjoyed good cooperation and neighborliness since time immemorial.

As the LDUs wreak terror on Bazukulu, Museveni remains silent about it, but still has guts to issue new orders to his mouthpiece Katureebe to sling mud at the Rwandan leadership.

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