Museveni lapdog Katureebe and more of his CMI sponsored tantrums

Buffoon Obed Katureebe (Facebook alias RPF Gakwerere) Museveni’s puppet is off his meds again. The failed Munyarwanda Katureebe, chief praise singer of Museveni thinks that the best way to ingratiate the Matooke Republic regime to Burundi is throwing a tantrum against the Rwandan leadership.

But Katureebe – paid by CMI to daily slander the Rwandan leadership – should know one thing: it is not Museveni and his minions that decide Rwanda’s diplomatic relations with neighbors. So, this failed Munyarwanda Obed Katureebe can gnash his teeth with false claims that “Rwanda has not shown condolences to Burundi after Nkurunziza’s death. But of what concern is that to Katureebe and his patron? Rwanda did send condolences for the death of Nkurunziza, including to his family, and lowered flags. All in a spirit of good neighborliness. Katureebe can only deceive his gullible followers.

Museveni, the Matooke Republic ruler who together with his Military Intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho have executed so many people without condolences and their minions dares lecture Rwanda. Ridiculous just.

Rwanda is not answerable to these Matooke Republic trolls.

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