Innocent Ugandans are being killed, others rotting in CMI, ISO, SFC torture dungeons

Obed Katureebe, the ass licker of Senile Museveni abuses a public office at the Ugandan Communication Commission (UCC) for nefarious purposes. Funded by stolen COVID-19 funds, he concocts lies and slanders against the Rwandan leadership.

In his latest garbage, he tries to resurrect the lie that “Kizito Mihigo was killed!”

Being on the payroll of CMI – specifically under instructions from its head Abel Kandiho and deputy CK Asiimwe – ass licker Obed Katureebe (aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere on Facebook) has a mission to tarnish Rwanda.

It is no wonder because he takes instructions from Abel Kandiho, a little sadistic thug that has killed more Ugandans than Maliyamungu. But people aren’t foolish; they have not forgotten that Mihigo committed suicide, scared to face prosecution a second time over his involvement in criminal activities.

The foolish ass licker thinks people can’t think: it is the President of Rwanda himself that saved Mihigo from prison, after serving four years of a ten-year sentence. So why would the same president then “kill” Mihigo?

Katurebe the Munyarwanda ass licker of Senile Museveni has completely lost his mind!

On the other hand, probably he is trembling, thinking of the anger Ugandans have for Senile Museveni and his 35 year dictatorship in the Matooke Republic that has left thousands of innocent Ugandans dead and millions nursing injuries.

Loony Katureebe, a loud barking dog will not deceive anyone; Ugandans know who is killing them. They know who killed Gen Kasirye Gwanga recently, Col Abiriga, ASP Kirumira, AIGP Kaweesi, Gen Aronda, Gen Kazini, Brig Mayombo, all the way back to Kayiira. Sooner rather than later the ass licker, failed Munyarwanda Katureebe has to know that his frail sponsor Senile Museveni in the long run will be made to answer for all these and countless other Ugandans he has killed.

Little weasel-faced thug, and chief torturer of the Matooke Republic, Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho will be made to pay for the Ugandans he tortures to death every day in Mbuya Military Barracks.

Clown Katureebe should be more concerned about the many ordinary, innocent Ugandans that have lost their lives, endured brutal torture in CMI, ISO and SFC torture dungeons.

Senile Museveni’s Somali half-brother Salim Saleh will also pay for every Ugandan that has ingested “Nakasongora products”! the same culprit general Saleh will pay for all the poor Ugandans whose organs – kidneys, hearts, pancreases – are sold in the Middles east by his wife Jovia Saleh

The night of long knives indeed came in the Matooke Republic, a regime full of very angry people!

One wonders if this ass licker, failed Munyarwanda Katureebe will think of running to Rwanda?

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