CMI sponsored RNC retard’s hopes of assylum in Burundi dashed

Mentally deranged deadbeat dad and RNC terrorist Sulah Nuwamanya is sheding tears at the demise of Nkurunziza. The RNC terrorist Nuwamanya is directly handled and paid by Abel Kandiho and CK Asiimwe of the Ugandan Chieftancy of Military Intellingence (CMI) to write smear on Rwanda.

With the Luanda MoU, he faces imminent deportation to Rwanda. The retard has been courting the government of Burundi as an insurance policy in case Uganda decides to relocate him to Rwanda.

Now the RNC goon Nuwamanya whose family the Government of Rwanda has been taking care of (as he recklessly gallivants around Kampala, carrying out his dalliance with Prossy Bonabaana) is slandering Rwanda.

But it is highly doubtiful that if Nkurunziza had lived, he would have been so naive as to host such an idle fellow as Sulah.

Finally, the RNC clown reveals himself also as a strong believer in witchcraft and poisoning, the reason why he concludes the deceased Nkurunziza was poisoned.

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