Ass licker Obed Katureebe needs to get back on his medication

Ass licker Obed Katureebe aka Rpf Gakwerere is off his medication! Now he is spinning a lunatic tale that the leadership of Rwanda “has killed Nkurunziza”! Katureebe is on a direct CMI payroll and is handled by its top officers, Abel Kandiho and CK Asiimwe, is his fruitless anti-Rwanda campaign.

Thank goodness Katureebe, chief ass licker of Senile Museveni the dictator of the Matooke Republic is revealing his true colors to the world. Everyone can see that this deranged goon Katureebe is not well mentally. He is always talking of poisons, murder, assassinations with his senile Museveni sponsor, and now he openly hallucinates on Facebook.

Every normal human being knows Nkurunziza died of Covid-19; everyone knows how they ignored the disease in Burundi, therefore it spread like wildfire. In fact, even Nkurunziza’s wife has COVID-19, she had to be evacuated to Nairobi for treatment.

But the sycophant of the Matooke Republic ruler, ass licker Katureebe thinks people are stupid enough to believe his half-baked propaganda against the Rwandan leadership.

But not even his gullible readers will buy it.

Ass licker Katureebe, just get back on your medication

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