Ugandan regime mouthpieces push ‘shot smuggler’ narrative to divert attention

Kampala regime mouthpieces, Spryreports, PML daily, Watchdog Uganda, Chimpreports and Andrew Mwenda’s The Independent are in overdrive with stories distorting the facts about a Ugandan smuggler who was shot on Rwandan territory.

The subject in question Muhereza Sidini aka Swidini whom CMI-funded propaganda grossly mislead as a “Ugandan businessman”, was in fact a notorious smuggler. At the time he was stopped (inside Rwandan territory) he was armed with a spear and machete. He resisted a lawful order to stop. He instead opted to assault members of a Rwandan security patrol, brandishing his spear and machete. Is that how businessmen behave in Uganda?

Smuggling is a crime punishable by Rwandan laws, whilst in Uganda criminality like smuggling apparently is a legal business.

All the media outlets pushing anti-Rwanda propaganda (sponsored by Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, CMI) are in ‘all system go’ mode. One reason probably is to divert attention from the recently released 79 innocent Rwandans that spent over two years in Ugandan prisons, and in CMI, ISO torture dungeons. All were held incommunicado, denied access either to family visits or consular services.

The victims were arbitrary arrested, detained and tortured over trumped up charges of illegal entry and espionage. It’s also important to note that the Rwandan victims were never arraigned before any courts of law, yet on the contrary in all Ugandan criminal suspects held in Rwanda have been treated with their full rights, including family, and consular visits whenever their embassy required it.

Furthermore they were prosecuted; the convicts are serving their jail sentences whereas those proven innocent were acquitted. Yet CMI propaganda is fixated on manufactured articles, turning violent law breakers into “businessmen”.

The Rwanda-Uganda relations will remain bleak ad long as such is Uganda’s conduct.

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