Isolated, cancer-stricken Senile Museveni seeks comfort in mudslinging Kigali

Obed Katureebe (so-called Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere on Facebook) chief ass licker of the senile, prostate cancer-stricken dictator of the Matooke Republic Museveni throws mud at the Rwandan head of the state.

The dull-witted Katureebe, chosen by CMI to sling mud is very jealous that the President of Rwanda in February met top African football bosses. Yet his senile paymaster remains in total isolation from the world leaders.

He is unhappy that no international personalities or organizations (such as CAF) want anything to do with the Matooke Republic, and the evil, senile dictator of the Uganda regime. They already know that Uganda’s bad business environment due to its corruption and nepotism record.

Katureebe, an ass licker of evil Senile Museveni has no other mission in life other than to try to slander, smear or mudsling the Rwandan leadership. So he tries to spin everything that happens in Rwanda into a negative.

By the look of things Senile Museveni’s crooks have run out of steam and gone petty. Anyone knows that a presidential cottage is accorded maximum security.

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